Gas Fireplaces

Looking for an efficient gas fireplace for indoor or outdoor use? Waheed Fireplaces offers powerful heating and superior craftsmanship to its customers in Pakistan. From traditional to modern, from contemporary to classic, we bring different kinds, styles, and designs to choose from. Whatever your room aesthetic or theme is, you can find something that compliments it to a great extent.

What do we offer?

Here is how we add beauty and comfort into your life. We bring: 

  1. Fireplace Collection 
  2. Customized fireplace design
  3. Fireplace installation services 

What is included in our Fireplace collection?

We bring three main options to our customers.

  1. Modern Fireplace: Homeowners, who are in search of a line of contemporary indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces would feel a great relief, when they explore our modern gas fireplace collection. Whether you are looking for a modern linear fireplace or see-through one, we have all styles and designs. The main focus of each design is to render clean lines and to showcase its advanced technology. High-quality materials are used in the making of the fireplace. Therefore our customers can get the best product at a price they pay. 
  2. Traditional Fireplace: Our traditional fireplaces are featured with Timeless design and top quality. When you need fine finishing with realistic full fire view then definitely classic design is what satisfy your room interior needs. There is a wide assortment of options, which makes your selection process quite comfy. Homeowners who want to add classic appeal to their room alongside warmth and ambiance can certainly make the most from our traditional fireplace. 

We offer

Fireplace Customization Services?

Do you have your own fireplace design in mind? We add comfort into your life by offering your fireplace design customization options. Whether you want a design that compliments your room interior or simply need a mix of classic plus contemporary, we got you covered.

Fireplace Installation Service

We don’t only allow you to pick the best design of fireplace for you, but also bring convenience into your life by rendering our top-class fireplace installation services. Whether you need a direct gas vent fireplace installation or merely looking to install a gas fireplace with chimney, our expert installers would help you. They are experienced enough to handle every small or big job. Tell them where to set your fireplace, and the rest of the work will be done by them.

What makes our Gas Fireplace Special?

Waheed Fireplaces take pride in offering safe gas fireplace to our customers. Our fireplace is designed with imported safety valve.

Our gas fireplace are special because it has:

A Safety Valve: When gas pressure is low, a safety valve will automatically switch off fireplace. You don’t have to experience the gas leakage issue. Thereby, it keeps your family safe all the time. 

Brought energy efficiency :Imported Burners consumes 100% gas, and thus no energy wastage will happen. 

What do you need more? Give us a call and let our experienced staff helps you pick the best gas fireplace that meets and exceeds your expectations.